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Here in Florida we have more tile and grout than most any other state. Keeping it looking clean has become a challenge. At Clean Impressions not only will we clean your tile and grout so that it looks like new, but we will also seal your grout lines to keep them looking that way for years to come.
Grout lines are concrete with color that has no protection from dirt, stains, and spills. The grout between the tiles is very porous and will absorb dirt and spills, which will become permanent stains. As your grout becomes more and more soiled, it will get darker and darker, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. In time the light colored grout will become so dark it will create black borders around each tile, giving you a boxy-looking floor. After years of traffic you need the right cleaning solution, applied with heat and high pressure, to bring your tile and grout back to their original look and then the right sealer to keep it looking that way.


Choose from a clear sealer that has neither color nor shine, just added protection, or from a wide variety of colors and shades that can either match your existing color or create a totally new look for your floor. Clear sealer can also be used on new grout to lock in its color. Two types of clear sealers are on the market, water base and solvent base. At Clean Impressions we use solvent sealers because of their longer-lasting benefits.
Our color sealers use an anti-microbial, mildew-resistant formula.

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